You suck at networking. Let's fix that together.

Keep your network engaged without fake-looking automation. See it in action and then believe.

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Leverage your own human intelligence.

AI-powered networking tools are fake and annoying, but they solve a critical problem: it's nearly impossible to keep your network engaged effectively without some help.


Chonky in All The Right Places

Beefy security keeps prying eyes out. Brawny encryption keeps your data safe.


Slim When It Needs To Be

Made for the desktop, but slim enough to work for most tasks on your phone.


Works While You Sleep

Schedule messages for future delivery so you can look like a coked-up superhero.

Designed For Intelligent Networking.

Building relationships is about staying in touch. Between slacking off at work, grooming your moustache, and visiting a dozen stores for toilet paper, it's hard to keep all of your contacts engaged.

  • Keep track of your important contacts.
  • Get reminders to keep the relationship alive.
  • ???
  • Profit.
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Get Topics Suggestions for Your Network

Let's face it: starting and maintaining conversations can be hard. We take the guesswork out of this process through an ever-advancing Suggestion Engine.

  • Face it: you're boring.
  • Get suggestions to open conversations.
  • Tag your contacts to keep suggestions coming.
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